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Japanese Bento Box Lunch

Japanese Bento Lunch BoxIn Japan bento lunches are popular. Bento is typically a home-packed meal but they are also readily available in convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores , stations and bento shops. Bento comes in all varieties and with many different food combinations. It traditionally contains rice, meat or fish and vegetables but it’s really up to you what you want to put in it.
Bento boxes are typically rectangular shaped like the one in the photo above and the layers can be stacked on top of each other so that it is convenient to carry around. They come in a huge array of colours, patterns and sizes and can also be in the shape of animals, food, popular Japanese characters, etc.
There are many different bento accessories available such as picks, cups (to separate food), sauce bottles, rice molds, vegetable cutters, seaweed punches, egg molds, etc so that you can make cute and beautifully presented lunches.
I love making bento lunches if I have the time (as they can be very time consuming!) and creating different themed lunches using the many accessories that I own. Today I made a simple bento lunch consisting of mostly Japanese food. It contains boiled vegetables with spicy miso sauce, salmon furikake rice ball, fish cake balls with edamame, gyoza dumplings (see my Japanese Pan-Fried Gyoza Dumplings Recipe post for the recipe), kimchee fried rice (see my Kimchee Fried Rice With Cheese Recipe post for the recipe), seaweed with sesame, cream corn croquette with Kewpie mayonaise and rambutan with pineapple for dessert. I used some cute flower bento picks that you can find in my WorldOfKawaii Etsy shop to accessorise the lunch ♥

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