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More Bento Box Lunches ♥

Pig Themed Bento Box Lunch
I went a bit crazy with the bento box lunch making this weekend and made two more today. The one above is a pig themed bento box where I used some cute pig shaped bento cups and pig face bento picks and sauce bottle to decorate the bento. The bento contains kanpyo (sweet gourd) rolls, edamame, tomato slices, a hard boiled egg (shaped into a heart using a Japanese egg mold), curry potato croquette, chicken siu mai and a mochi filled with matcha green tea chocolate.
Bento Box Lunch With Seaweed, Kimchee, Asparagus, Baby Sweet Corn, Lychee Jelly, Rice With Fishcake And Furikake
The bento above contains seaweed with sesame, kimchee, steamed asparagus with soya sauce, sliced baby sweet corn, rice with furikake and fishcake balls with edamame and a lychee jelly.

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